Wedding Reflections: Family and Friends

As all the curtains have been drawn, Belinda and I still bask in the euphoria of celebrating our love for one another on the 30th of December 2017 and we thank all who have been here to share the joy with us. As we step into the year of 2018, I would like to reflect on our journey towards this momentous occasion in a 3 part blog post.

Part 1: My dearest wife Belinda

Part 2: Our Family and friends

Part 3: Coming soon

It took us some time to pen this post together and I hope we did not miss out anyone!


Our families played critical roles in our wedding and we should not forget what they have done for us.

Mok’s parents (written by Mok)

The Chinese tradition of Guo Da Li was entirely left to my parents to source for the traditional gifts for the groom to give to the bride’s family. They went to the trouble of sourcing for the various gifts required and also took in our feedback to keep it as simple as possible. We had an cosy and meaningful Guo Da Li on the 10th of December 2017.The Tea ceremony was also arranged by my mother. Instead of using the tea provided by the hotel, she insisted on boiling 2L of traditional longan red date tea as it would be more significant and also tastier. She also brought 30 teacups so that the relatives would be able to drink from clean cups instead of the conventional way where the cups would have to be rinsed in a pail of water between individuals. Her thoughtfulness really shone through in this manner. She also took the effort to inform all relatives to come on time so that we could begin and end punctually. We are very thankful for that.

My mum also made breakfast for my brothers, waking at 3am to prepare breakfast for them. She made a platter of egg sandwiches, macadamia bars, glutinous rice balls, ginseng tea and coffee. She also took into account that Girider was a vegetarian and did not add any meat to the spread. We really had a sumptuous breakfast before we set off!

Brian, my friend from Boulder (USA) arrived the day before the wedding. Knowing that Belinda and I were busy, my parents picked him up at the airport and gave him a good glimpse of Singapore. They brought him to East Coast park, West Coast Park, Singapore Swimming Club for roti prata, and even had deep fried durian (which we haven’t even tried before ourselves!). Such hospitality made Brian feel very welcomed and he could not stop telling me how nice my parents were!

On the 1st of January 2018, My mother also organised a Popiah party for her Run to Walk friends to celebrate the new year and also our wedding. You can see how much joy she was in amidst all the festives!

Bel’s parents (written by Bel)

We did not recruit my parents for much assistance as they were moving house and had a lot on their plate before the wedding. However, they still prepared a room for me to stayover the night before the wedding and decorated the house beautifully.

On the morning of wedding, my mum cooked traditional chinese desserts and prepared dimsum and cakes for the wedding party and other guests who had come over for the gatecrash.

Uncle Ron (written by Mok)

Thanks to Uncle Ron for helping to deliver the gifts during Guo Da Li and calling the order during the tea ceremony. These were small but significant parts of traditional Chinese culture and very important to my parents.

Mok Ying Rong (written by Mok)

My younger sister assisted us in the tea ceremony. We did not involve her much as she was busy settling into her new job. But we are thankful she was there on our big day and to help facilitate the Tea Ceremony with Uncle Ron.

Melissa Ooi (written by Bel)

Mel helped assist the bridesmaids during the gatecrash preparation by getting things from around the house. Also, thanks to Mel I was able to watch a live feed of the Gatecrash. It was hilarious and I appreciate her time and effort put into this.

Bel’s Sisters and friends (written by Bel)


Ghis is one of the most responsible and focused people I know and I had so much faith in her that we appointed her as the overall in-charge of the entire wedding day.

As the one responsible for ensuring that the programme was running according to schedule, Ghis had her eyes fixed on her watch. “4 minutes and we have to go!” I kept hearing her shouting timings when we were doing our photoshoot at Botanic Gardens and also at various points outside the ballroom. She was also great at dealing with last minute changes and coordinating information with the various parties involved.

Not many would have know this, but Ghis had an upset stomach just before the start of the lunch banquet. Perhaps she was more nervous than me!! Aaron ran out to get medication for her (great teamwork there!) and Ghis soldiered upon like the Wonder Woman she is!

There were points during the banquet where our wedding party noticed that the hotel was not keeping to our itinerary, for example serving the food too quickly. Ghis and Jed immediately got it sorted out with the banquet coordinator. These were some of the small things that she did to ensure my wedding went on smoothly!


Knowing that she was busy with a new job, we asked her to just do up a simple video recording to let our guests know more about us as a couple. However Joelle did up 2 beautiful and funny videos which really captured the essence of our relationship. Our friends loved the videos, especially the special effects that she put in. Thank you so much for making our wedding more lively and memorable.

There were a few AV hiccups which occured during the banquet but Joelle picked them up quickly, and solved them right away

Also by her own initiative, Joelle used her video camera and took videos of various key segments of our wedding such as our first dance and Mok’s magic trick. I had declined to hire a videographer for the wedding as I felt that no one watches their wedding videos much anyway. But watching Joelle’s video recordings allowed us to reminisce and reflect on the wedding day which went by so quickly in a blur! We are thus very thankful that Joelle took those beautiful videos that we can go back in time to watch many years down the road.

Finally, her positive and enthusiastic nature brought a lot of joy and laughter throughout the entire wedding planning process and on the day itself. Her fun loving character is really infectious! Thank you so much Joelle!


I asked Jenna to be my personal assistant for the day because she is so good at all the feminine stuff that I am not! At the start of our wedding prep, she accompanied me at La Belle Couture to pick out wedding dresses. On the day itself she help me change in and out of my gowns and touched up my makeup at various points throughout the day. She was also the hair and makeup artist for all my bridesmaids!

Having Jenna made me less anxious as I knew I could depend on her for the little things which might crop up. The above is made even more impressive as she is 6 months pregnant!


Yiwen is one of my oldest friends as we’ve known each other since my RGS swimming days and then got closer through water polo. Knowing that she had a flair for design, I enlisted her help in decorating our bridal car and the reception area. The decorations totally exceeded our expectations and we loved how everything looked! Our only regret is that we didn’t have much time to stop and enjoy it properly on the day itself.

Yiwen also took charge of the entire registration process, printing out the guests lists and table arrangements, and leading the other bridesmaids and groomsmen to ensure that everything went smoothly. Thank you Yiwen for helping to take these important tasks off us on the wedding day!


Enyuan has been in the running to be one of my bridesmaids ever since Mok and I first got together. Right from the start of our relationship, she has always been very supportive of us, even volunteering her house as a wedding venue and coming along on our dates eg. rollerblading at ECP.

She is always spontaneous and cheerful, bringing laughter to the wedding party. As the Gatecrash IC, she also made sure the games were memorable, yet without injuring anyone.

At short notice, she and Yiwen also did up a beautiful speech reminiscing about our happy memories and their wishes for Mok and I. Hearing their speech was definitely one of my fondest memories of our lunch banquet.


Adelyn held her wedding dinner at Regent Hotel just before ours (November 2017) and gave us a lot of useful advice based on her experience there, such as what the best dishes were!

She and Jed came up it upon themselves to come up with a very engaging emcee speech and even a special emcee introduction dance! Thank you for making our wedding even more fun and lively! Even though she was busy with her own wedding/ honeymoon, she always took the time to come down to our place for meetings (bearing food too!)

She also generously lent us her car for use as the wedding car!

Mok’s Brothers and Friends (written by Mok)


I have known Aaron since our NUS days when we ran together in the NUS cross country team. We then got closer when we were enlisted into the same batch in the Medical Officer Cadet Corps and have been great friends ever since.

There were several occasions when we found out we were missing something and Aaron was the go-to person whenever we needed help. He rushed out to buy Brands’s chicken essence (to boost our energy levels) when we realised we had forgotten to bring some along, bought lunch for our photographer, and even put his medical license to good use by buying medication for Ghislaine.

He was also very helpful during the phototaking segment, efficiently guiding us around from table to table, even helping Bel with her dress!

Lastly we would not have gotten through the gatecrash as quickly without his origami skills.


Girider gave an amazing and very meaningful speech which both Bel and I loved. I was very touched that he remembered the little details from our time together as medical students and Sheares Hall mates and it was good to reflect on how far we have all come since then. Many of our guests came up to us afterwards to say that the speech was amazing and that they had learnt more about me because of it. Even Bel didn’t know about my dustbin/ ice tub escapades.

He also helped Yiwen and Enyuan to set up and man the reception table, even sacrificing the first part of his meal by staying outside to greet latecomers.


Sia did a great job helping us behind the scenes both before and after our wedding. He helped us chauffeur our bulky suits and gowns around and also went down to Botanic Gardens with us to recce photoshoot locations. After the wedding, even though he was tired, he still wanted to help us bring our extra belongings home.

He was our driver for the day and we are grateful that he helped us to reach our destinations safely even while being rushed. (Though we almost got into an accident :P)

He was always close by and ready to help us to take photos with our guests. He was also very spontaneous and eager during gate crash. He ate the most of the spicy noodles, sparing the rest of us the agony of eating it. Haha


I am grateful that Ben has accepted me as his own brother. Although he appears rather laidback, he is dependable and resourceful when it comes to getting things done. He helped us with countless errands and made the wedding prep much easier.

  • Cooking at all our wedding party meetups!!! Our guests were wowed by his roast lamb, basil pesto pasta and sangria amongst other delicious things. (FYI he is up for hire for house parties! $50pp)
  • Planning the bachelor’s night with Jed
  • Designing and printing the groomsmen’s bibs
  • Ordering and delivering wine to the hotel for us
  • Coordinating car pickup with Yiwen
  • Taking care of our relatives on the wedding day
  • Helping us to get through the yoga poses during the Gatecrash (having the most upper limb and core strength amongst the groomsmen)

Tsukasa Kawarai

Kawarai is my Japanese running buddy from Tokyo. I invited him to our wedding because he was one of my main running partners when I was training in Tokyo and was instrumental in my running career. He offered to help use take photos of the morning gatecrash and photoshoot and it’s thanks to him that we were able to screen our morning highlights during the banquet!

RunONE team members and Supporters

Claire for coming down to Serangoon at 7am to help take photos of the gatecrash and also later on during the banquet. Also thanks to Lester doing up the press release!

 New Balance SG Team

Thank you for donning the guys in comfortable matching turquoise-black attire for the Gatecrash!

Keypower Sports Team

Thank you for donning the guys in sexy athletic compression tights, an icing for the ‘lifetime marathon’ theme!

 Oakley SG Team

Thank you for providing the stylish frogskin shades!

La Belle Couture Team

Vivi – She is such an experienced and professional makeup artist. She came right on time at 5am (precise timing was really important for us as we had many activities planned), gave invaluable advice on styling, and even loaned my bridesmaids her hairspray for them to do their hair too! Thank you Vivi for helping this clueless bride find her most flattering makeup style and hairdo!

Kzen – Although we only got to meet her on the day itself, we were impressed with her cheerfulness and experience. Even though we were constantly rushing around on our tight schedule, she was flexible and always ready to move and shoot.

Big thanks to our coordinator Pei Wen for expertly guiding us through the entire preparation process, including the gown selection and prewedding photoshoot. Because of her and her team, the entire process was mostly smooth and uneventful (Yay).

We also really loved the 3 gowns that we rented. Each was so different and beautiful, they will be the first thing we look out for when we get our wedding photos! Importantly, although the gowns were not tailor made, they were altered so well that they stayed comfortable even through all the dancing and rushing around!

Overall we had a great experience working with the team from La Belle Couture. Everyone was really patient and friendly and we would recommend them to engaged couples who are looking for a dependable and experienced one-stop bridal boutique!

Thank you!

Deep down from our hearts, a big BIG big  thank you all for making this day so memorable for us! Thank you for toe-ing the start line of our ‘lifetime marathon’ with us!

Keep running with us too!


Mok & Bel

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