Pre-Wedding Shoot Photo Selection

Now that it is one week before our wedding celebrations, we would like to share with you a sneak preview of the outcomes of our pre-wedding shoot! For us, the photo selection for our pre-wedding photos took place about 1.5 months after the actual shoot, but thankfully they were well worth the wait.

With work tempo picking up at the hospital and limited time to spare, we were thankful that the team at Labelle made the process really easy and efficient. It was almost like buying an iPhone –  they kinda knew what we wanted, better than we do!

Too many to choose from!

For the standard photography package which we got, we could select 30 photos from the 200 or so photos taken during the 8hr photoshoot. Many of our married friends told us they actually ended up topping up for more photos. Thankfully we had Rayden (photo specialist) who guided us through the entire process. He advised us to select photos from a range of settings, making sure we had some outdoor and some indoor ones. He also helped us to group photos which would go well together to improve the overall artistic effect. There were sample photo albums which we could browse though to decide what would work best.

The great thing about La Belle is that the staff are really patient and open to listening to your ideas. However for couples like Bel and I who are not artistically inclined the slightest, it was great to have Rayden tell us what to do! And most importantly there was no hard-selling to get us to buy more photos to enhance the album further. We told Rayden that we only needed a basic album and he was happy to help us get the best from it.

Choosing by groups

La Belle had actually blocked a 3hr slot for us to choose our photos but we were done in 1.5hr! I don’t know if other couples are as efficiency-driven as us, but we (me especially) loved being to go off quickly! What we appreciate most about La Belle is that the service staff (in our case Rayden and our coordinator Peiwen) knew this preference of us (mine) and always took the initiative to suggest options that would speed things along for us.

From a whole stack to just 30

After the selection, we had only needed to wait for a week before the entire album was printed and ready for collection. However, we were pleasantly surprised when Rayden gave us a call to inform us that the cover page photo that we have chosen was good but he noticed that Belinda’s face was slightly out of focus because she was standing behind me during the photography. He recommended that we take a look at it again and offered to change the cover photo if it was not up to our expectations. I was thankful that he highlighted this to us, if not it would have gone unnoticed to our untrained eyes.

For those coming for our wedding on 30/12/2017, hope you enjoy the photos we have on display!

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