Pre-Wedding Shoot – 30 June 2017

We did the first of our 2 pre-wedding photoshoots yesterday and it was such a tiring but fun experience! Here is a brief breakdown of our day. 

Studio shots

The day started off with us meeting at Ubi at the indoor studio for make up and our indoor shoot. La Belle’s studio has a cosy and romantic theme which seems very Korean to me.  I think it most couples would like it, however we didn’t spend much time on our indoor shoot as Bel prefers having natural scenery. 

Victoria concert hall 

Came here after recommendations from friends. It’s interior is indeed beautiful and classic. It’s no wonder we counted at least 7 other couples having their wedding shots done there too! However I would advise anyone planning to take their wedding shots there to email them a week or 2 before the shoot as they are sometimes closed for events. 

Botanic Gardens

We chose Botanic Gardens as this was where we had our first date! Our photographer Kenny brought us to a less crowded (and more shaded) section of the gardens – Evolution Gardens. I think this is definitely a good spot for couples who want to avoid the sun. Bring mosquito repellent if you don’t want to get bitten..

MacRitchie Reservoir 

We felt strongly about including this as one of our photoshoot locations. It holds many memories for us as we’ve been running, having picnics, and kayaking (once) here since our junior college years. There are lots of photo opportunities if you’re willing to walk/ can withstand the heat. Even our photographer was pleasantly surprised to find such good lighting/ scenic spots within the trails.

This wedding photoshoot was something Bel had been looking forward to for the past few months and I must admit that I did find it a great bonding experience! Now I’m glad I agreed to a 2nd pre-wedding shoot in Hawaii this October.  

Many thanks to the staff from La Belle Couture, especially Pei Wen our coordinator, Vivi our makeup artist and Kenny who guided us through each step of the way!

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