#MokandBel Wedding Prep 

One of the most exciting aspects of wedding prep – for Bel at least – was the gown selection. Traditionally, most Chinese couples have 2 sets of attire for the banquet with the bride having an additional cheongsam for the tea ceremony. 

We will also be doing 2 pre-wedding photoshoots. The first one coming up in June will be in Singapore with La Belle Couture who will provide us with gowns and suits the shoot. The 2nd photoshoot will be in Kona, Hawaii this October when we travel to attend the Kona Ironman Medical Conference and support my brother-in-law Ben at his first Kona Ironman World Championships. 

I won’t post any photos of our actual day attire so as not to spoil the surprise for our guests come 30 Dec 2017!

Bel and our wedding coordinator Pei Wen.

Pei Wen was really helpful and clearly good at her job. Initially we were worried about having to seive through hundreds of gowns to find the perfect ones, however Pei Wen did a good job picking out the more suitable gowns based on our wedding theme, skin colour, and body shape.

Getting photoshoot ideas from other couples

We chose this as one of Bel’s outdoor gowns

Another important aspect of attire selection is having good friends who were both savvy and critical enough to such honest feedback!

Ghislaine, Bel and Jenna posing with a gown which didn’t make the cut.
We spent almost 4.5 hours to select gowns that that the 4 of us (and Pei Wen) came to a unanimous agreement on. For me, it took all of 15min to choose 3 suits! Bel and I were so amazed (and relieved because we were actually really hungry) 

The 2nd half of 2017 is shaping up to be even more hectic than the 1st. Next month, I will be going to New Zealand for my final race before the SEA Games marathon in August. Come July, I will be rotating back into Orthopaedics and moving into our first home. When I next get the chance to, I’ll try to share on the actual pre-wedding photoshoot and our home renovation journey!

La belle Couture is having a great singapore sale coming up. Do check out http://labellecouture.com.sg/gss2017?utm_source=Mok%20Ying%20Ren for more details! 

One thought on “#MokandBel Wedding Prep 

  1. Congratulations Dr.Mok and Ms.Belfast
    You both look awesome and a perfect couple. I’ve been following you both in instagram and fb. And I love everything you posted. U both also motivates me to run. 🙂 I admire u both coz you are very humble.

    It was a great privileged to meet and greet and run with you during one of pocari sweat running clinicheld last 2016Nov at ecp.

    Best wishes and looking forward to see more photos of you most especially on your wedding day. GOD BLESS YOU

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