2017 Updates

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year, Bel and I have decided that we will take some time every quarter to document the major projects that we are or will be involved in. 2017 is set to be another milestone-setting, whirlwind year for us and this blog/diary will allow us to look back on the year in time to come. Of course, we hope that our friends will enjoy following us on our journey too! 

Snippets of what we’re up to this year: 

1) Orthopaedic Surgery Residency 

The main bulk of my time and energy these days is devoted to patient care and developing my medical skills. As a 1st-year surgical resident, I have been assigned to work outside of my area of chosen specialty (i.e. Orthopaedics) for greater exposure and experience. For example, I have worked in both the Accident & Emergency and Neurosurgery departments over the past 6 months. 

This July I will head into the 2nd year of my residency programme and will start working in the various Orthopaedic sub-specialties. Work is expected to become even more demanding, as I will have to work especially hard to hone my skills in my chosen area of specialty. That being said, I do enjoy the exacting concentration that is demanded in the operating theatre.  

2) Seoul Marathon 

In March, I will be running in the Seoul International Marathon in my attempt at the SEA Games qualification. It’ll be a tough race as I have significantly reduced my training load ever since I started on my residency. Still, I’m glad to be heading into it having been injury-free for over the past 1 year.  

Of course, the best part of an overseas race is feasting on the local cuisine and traveling with a loved one after a hard fight.

3) Buying and renovating our first home

Over the next few months, we will be completing the purchase and renovation of our resale HDB flat. We are thankful to have friends who have been forthcoming with giving us recommendations for contractors and interior designers.

Stay tuned as we share about which contractor we have finally settled on, the reconfiguration of our home’s floor layout and other aspects of our renovation journey!

4) Wedding celebration

Bel and I held a family-only solemnization ceremony last year. Married life has been a blast and there’s nothing I enjoy more after an arduous work shift than to spend time with Bel. However, as we haven’t had the chance to celebrate our marriage with our relatives and friends, something has always felt missing. Sometimes I still have people asking me if I’m married!

Therefore, I am happy to announce that we will (finally) be holding our wedding lunch at the Regent Hotel on 30 Dec 2017! We’ve also settled on our bridal boutique – La Belle Couture – in preparation for our big day.

Other aspects of our wedding lunch, such as flower vendors and the programme on the actual day of the lunch, are still up in the air, so do keep your suggestions coming!

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