Do not drink beyond the point of thirst!

This article was first published on 5th September 2015. I highlight the increasing awareness of Exercise Associated Hyponatremia among runners and triathletes in races. Very commonly we hear this phrase “Drink beyond the point of thirst”. Unfortunately, this is not scientifically sound and one should use thirst as a barometer of hydration status. So the next time you race, drink only 400-800ml an hour and drink to the point of thirst and not more.

To be more specific to your own hydration needs, weigh yourself before and after a long run – this weight would be the maximum amount that you should hydrate yourself with. However, be mindful that it is actually normal to lose 750g to 1kg over the course of a marathon AND not be dehydrated as the carbohydrates stores that is burnt during the race also takes up weight in your body.

Also, choose do drink isotonic drinks with electrolytes like Pocari Sweat to replenish lost sodium.

Enjoy. Any questions, do drop me a note šŸ™‚

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