Garmin Forerunner 225 Q and A

Hi guys, thanks to your questions on the Garmin Forerunner 225! I have personally been using it for my own training and I have to say I really enjoy running without a heart rate strap! So here are some of the questions that I got through social media and I will do my best to answer them!

@Cindy Loo @Raynoryeo, @bdpickford, @Ivan Lu, @Nicole Lee, @Jack FC, @Romain Chanu @TanSeeWah  – Accuracy of the Wrist Based Heart rate and GPS

This is probably the most frequently asked question as I was also doubtful of how well this will work. I myself have tried the Tom Tom and Mio Link but all didn’t work out well. Until…. NOW!

So I took it out with a run of 60minutes together with the 920XT with chest strap. Here are the details on my both watches:

So as you can see, both details are identical in terms of Average HR, Max HR, Pace and Distance. Honestly, I am happy with it. THe other question is is there a lag time between both? I would say yes about 1-2 seconds. But hey the averages turn up the same so ok right? haha

However, there is one caveat. You need to wear the watch tight.

Not that tight till your hands loses circulation but still tight. I honestly dont feel it during the run at this level of tightness. I wore it for hard workouts and long runs up to 2 hours and I find that it didnt bother me at all in terms of comfort. I am only concerned on how long the straps can last with this kind of tension on it but lets see. So to give you an idea of the tightness, here are some photos.

There was only once out of 24 runs that there was an error at the start of the run. THis is actually typical of even the chest strap but for this one I identified that I could have tightened the watch even more.
@Rachealrasikas – Does it track cadence?

Yes it does with an internal acclerometer. This is unlike the the 920 or 620 which uses the accelerometer in the heart rate monitor (thoough they can also track cadence without the heart rate strap using the same technology as the 225)

@Trapesoidalcircle – Is it heavy of light?

This watch is definitely classified as a light watch. CHeck for the comparison of weights.

@Samuellim01 @Chris Hui Ong Ng – Battery life

Honestly it is good. I spend about 90min to 2 hours running everyday and I charge it once every 4-5 days. Definitely not as powerful as 920 but not a crazy charging frequency.

@Emily Ng – Should you use HR?

I would say yes. Check out Matt Fitzgerald book on 80/20 running and by using a this Forerunner 225, it may be more comfortable to track your heart rate than with a strap across your chest. THis may help bring your running to the next level.

@Derek Li of Running Commentary SG – Possible to sync with bluetooth?

Yes very fast sync with bluetooth to phone but no wifi. But because it uses smart recording (no 1second recording), sync is very fast as file size is small.

@Derek Li @Smauellim01 – activity and sleep tracking

Sorry i dont use for activity or sleep tracking. From what I know about garmin sleep tracking it is still very primitive unlike jawbone. I wont recommend it.

@Robbiesroad – Vs Suunto

I always found the garmin interface much easier to use. Didnt like the Suunto interface.

One thought on “Garmin Forerunner 225 Q and A

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