Carver’s and Co

Today the girl and I decided to checkout the cafés along east coast road as we are lucky enough to have a free weekend together with no on-calls or duties!


I really liked the cuppa here as it was rich and creamy and they had a new barista who was really enthusiastic about coffees. I had a demonstration on single origins coffee from Ethiopia and it was eye opening. I liked how he had a high tech weighing machine which links to his phone and measures time and weight for his coffee.


My main course was the Carver’s breakfast which had delicious ham and scrambled eggs on Brioche. I also had additional Herb mushrooms which were really delicious.


Bel had the Carver’s platter which had a variety of meats – abit too much for my liking but she seemed to enjoyed it haha. Carver’s and Co roast take pride in roasting and curing their own meats. There was a mix of Turkey, Gambon Ham, Roast beef. I liked the sides of cabbage and caramelised onions.


From speaking to the staff, it seems that this is more of a dinner destination and their one of their most popular dishes – Wagyu Beef – is only available for dinner. It’s seems like we need to come back again in the evening to try this!


43 East Coast Road
Tue – Sun 10am – 10pm
Artisan Food | Cafe

Mok and Bel

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