Newton Giveaway 2012 Girls Category #1: Koh Shing Yee

Koh Shing Yee_2Koh Shing Yee_1

Name: Koh Shing Yee

Age (as of 2012): 17
School, CCA: Anderson Junior College, Photographic Society
Races participated this year: U Run, Run 350, Nike We Run SG, 100plus PAssion Run“Motivation”. Such a seemingly simple word, but carrying with it so much weight. Why was it that I could find the motivation within to run, but not to study? It wasn’t until one day that the realisation hit me – studying was after all, pretty much the same as running. An end-point in mind, the journey tough, the determination to take step after step is vital. In my Secondary 4 year, this likening of studying to running became even more prominent. It was a long road to O levels, and at many points in time I was faced with the temptation to simply give up and stop. But the most important thing that I had learnt from running long distance was that no matter what obstacles are in your path, be it fatigue, muscle ache, or simply the seemingly never-ending and arduous journey ahead, one would simply have to keep moving forward. For me, it was always a given. I had to continue. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment kept me going, and my training to run moulded my solid determination, perseverance, and resilience. These were the qualities that pushed me to continuously place one foot in front of the other, and the qualities that I have put into studies. Lessons learnt from running have definitely guided me throughout my school years, shrouding me in comfort and reassurance and leading me towards my goals. Needless to say, running has been a wonderful, dedicated teacher.


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