Newton Giveaway 2012 Boys Category #1: Darrion Mohan


Name: Darrion Mohan

Age: 16

School: Raffles Institution, CCA: Cross Country

2012 Races:

1. Safari Zoo Run

2. Wings Cross Country

3. MetaSprint Series Aquathlon

4. MetaSprint Series Duathlon

5. MetaSprint Series Triathlon

6. Best Friend Run

7. Singapore Flyer Run

8. 38th SAA Junior Athletics C’ships

8. SIS Age Group Run

9. Geylang Serai Road Run C’ships

How running has helped in studies:

Since taking up running, I have become more aware of the importance of good time management. Due to the significant amount of time that training consumes, I have to cut down time spent on leisure activities. In addition, making productive use of small pockets of time throughout the day is a useful skill that I have learnt from my coach. For example, while waiting for the bus after training, I will read The New York Times on my phone and bring myself up to speed with current affairs. Furthermore, the demands of weekly training sessions have forced me to prepare way in advance for tests and begin assignments much earlier. As I do not stop training during the exam period, I have to put in consistent work throughout the year. In hindsight, this is a much better system than my previous practice of taking it easy most of the year and only beginning thorough revision 2 to 3 weeks before examinations. Lastly, I believe that the qualities that running has brought out in me, such as tenacity and diligence, have served me well in my academic pursuits.

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