What is the best advice to give to someone running a 10km race for the first time?

Written for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2012 Race Preparation Articles

Running a 10km race for the first time is a great start towards engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Here are the 10 best tips for beginner runners running the 10km.

1. Train with a friend. Pull your best buddy to register with you and get them to be your training partner. Running once or twice a week with a close friend is a great motivation to train for the run which I admit is not as easy as it seems. Friends ensure you keep your commitment towards your goal.

2. Train to complete. There is nothing worse than setting a time goal for a race you are attempting for the first time. If it is your first race, just aim to complete and it will be fun!

3. Break it down. The 10km is just 10 by 1kilometers! As you go through each kilometre mark, tick off the kilometres one by one and it will make the task much easier to complete.

4. Music can be a good help. Some people thrive well with music that keeps them in the groove when running. Try investing in a pair of sports ear phones so that the ear pieces will not fall off half way during your run!

5. Start slow. This may sound ironic but it is true! Start slow and gradually work your pace up and you shall be able to complete the 10km in relative ease.

6. Open your eyes. Soaking in the race atmosphere is the best way to keep your spirits high. Do not waste the day by dwelling in your pain and misery.

7. Keep moving. When you are tired, tell yourself to keep going. Stopping and resting by the side of the road will make you lose your momentum. If you know that you need to walk at some point during the race, start walking earlier on in the race.

8. Keep hydrated. Drink from every drink station and you should do fine.

9. Follow that “butt”. If someone is running at your pace, try staring at that butt of his and focus on following it till the end. Of course, when you feel good, catch up with the next butt!

10. Reserve a table at a nearby buffet restaurant and get ready to tuck in with your friends after the run! It helps with recovery you know!

4 thoughts on “What is the best advice to give to someone running a 10km race for the first time?

  1. Hi Dr Mok,
    I had just attended your talk for 350Run. It’s been a privilege to meet you. I will be blogging on the talk. This 5th April will be my first 10km attempt. I shall remember these tips for an enjoyable run. : ) Thank You for sharing freely!

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