Interview on Hydration with Darrion

1. How important do you think hydration is for student-athletes?

Mok: I think hydration is especially important because unlike professional athletes, we can’t say “oops didn’t drink enough today, feel terrible, lets do the workout tomorrow instead!” Students don’t have the time for that!

2. How do you ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated?
Mok: I monitor the color of my pee. I ensure that it is as clear as water all the time. No special gadgets!

3. What is your preferred method of hydration?
Mok: Water is the best source of hydration! I try to have a bottle of water with me at all times but its always easier said than done.

4. Have you ever over- or under-hydrated? If so, describe the effects.
Mok: Yeap! If my pee is concentrated before a workout I usually cannot complete it comfortably. This has happened more than once and I know the feeling. It’s terrible.

You should not be too concerned about over hydration if you are young with no health problems. Our kidneys work well in preventing that.

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