Newton Voucher Giveaway (Revised Criteria!)


My sister and I have won some vouchers at the Newton Challenge event a few weeks ago and we would like to give them away to developing young runners who have shown improvement over the past year! We strongly believe in building up the next generation of runners, especially student athletes! And we hope this will be a good form of encouragement to the younger runners. Taking Stanley’s (a student-athelete) suggestion, we have revised out criteria to focus on encouraging participation among our younger generation rather than performance. 


  1. Under 18 years old as of 2012
  2. Ran any 2 races or more in 2012


  1. Email your details to (Deadline: Before 24/12/2012) 
    1. Name
    2. Age (as of 2012)
    3. School and CCA (no need to be cross country or track and field)
    4. Which 2 (or more!) races you took part this year
    5. Photo of yourself in action i.e. running
    6. Picture of you wearing your 2 (or more!) different finishing medals
    7. Short paragraph on how running has helped in your studies
  2. Your profile will be placed on my facebook page (
  3. Get your friends to like your profile (Voting Period: 1/12/2012 – 24/12/2012 midnight)
  4. Results will be announced on Christmas Day!

Winner Determination

There will be 2 winners – 1 boy and 1 girl.

The boy will walk away with $500 Newton product vouchers while the girl will walk away with $300 Newton product vouchers (That’s what we won at the Newton Challenge!)

The selection will depend on whose profile has the most likes.

We will liase with you to collect your prizes

Consolation Prizes

We are thankful to have Key Power International who will be giving out a surprise gift for every entry.

So what you are you waiting for?

Keywords International

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