Sia: Pre-Ultramarathon Interview

Sia Chuan Han, who goes with the nick name “Sia” was the MR25 2010 Ultramarathon Champion. Here is an email you interview with him.


Your last race was the Singapore marathon where you did 3:22.Tell us more about it.

I did not have a very good run as I wanted to break 3:20. However, i had a good experience though and I am looking forward to my next race!


What do you think went wrong?

As usual, I make a common mistake which most runners do.starting too fast at the beginning.i was supposed to run at 4.45 pace.instead I ran 4.30 for about 11km. Then I up my pace when Thow wee came from behind n followed him for some distance n died off later.if I were to start slower for first half then might be able to do better at the second stage.


You are running the MR25 ultra marathon 2 weeks later. You are the defending champion. How is your preparation?

I took a 1 wk break after sc. I think I am stronger at longer distance cause it’s going at a slower pace. I am more comfortable with it. Quite difficult to prepare for ultra because of time constraint. Just have to make sure that I rest and eat well for the race. Anyway there’s nothing much that I can do now especially the race is only 2 weeks after sc, as compared to the usual 3 weeks (because last Sunday for this year is a Christmas day)


What is your current training schedule like?

I train twice a day for 6 days. Doing mostly easy run and long run.i will review my training program after the ultra for next year.


Is there a specific strategy that you are using for the ultra?

No. Just have to plan the race carefully and hydrate along the way.


What’s your target?

Last year I was targeting to do 10 laps. I will try again this year, with proper fuel. However it’s not easy because of the tough terrain.


10 questions with Mr Sia:


1. What’s your longest run this season?

38km on training followed by standard chartered marathon


2. What is your favourite gel?

no particular one.but have been using SIS gel during all races


3. Do you listen to music when you run?

Tried a few times during training but not on races yet. Actually it feels good because it hides the breathing

sound 🙂


4. What is your favourite shoe?

No particular currently using nike,asics,new balance


5. What is your current training watch?

Gamin forerunner 610


6. Whats your favourite workout?

I actually don’t like workout. But in order to improve,I have to do it.don’t have a specific one.


7. Do you like stretching?

I don’t stretch during normal runs. Sometimes after a long run, I will just do a few.


8. Are you a morning or evening runner?

Both. Because I run in the morning and evening. I feel good especially after a morning run


9. What’s your favourite running route?

Anywhere and everywhere.


10. Why do you like to run?

It’s a sport which can exercise the whole body and having a peacefully time away from the stressful lifestyle during the process.very easy to pick up with just a pair of running shoe and any attire.


Ramesh, Sia and Myself



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