Guest: Lim Lu Kai @ Singapore University Aquathlon 2011

I have been focusing on running since Singapore Biathlon 2011 on the quest to break tbe 3hour barrier of the marathon. I have not been swimming till lately I swam 400m everyday to prepare myself for SUNIG biathlon. It will be a joke to others that I only put in 400m on my swim daily. 400m is not even enough to make up the warm up portion of proper swim training.

In a time trial 2 weeks before SUNIG, I swam 14min20s for 750 comfortably. With this under my belt, I decided to give a bet on 10 September.

Finally the day arrived as I stepped up to the starting point. I told myself I will just be comfortable on the swim and put up a good fight on the run. I have not tapered for this event as I did not want my marathon training to be affected. Had a tempo run on Thursday and 2 easy runs on Friday.

Off goes the horn and everyone dashed into the water. Arms were flying, kicks were everywhere. It was a chaotic moment as everyone fought for positions. I struggled a bit at the start as I did not sprint off from the pack like what other good swimmers did. After the 1st loop, I realised I was in quite a good position. There were like 5 -6 swimmers in front of me and I believe that I can close the gap on the run. I continued into the second loop, exit the water, made my way to transition and set off for the chase.

1km into the run, I caught with my fellow teammate. I know that Jon Ma and Henry are definitely at the front as they are very strong swimmer. I gradually increased my pace and caught up with a few more guys before the U-turn. About 500m from the U-turn, I saw Jon Ma coming in my direction. I was quite puzzled as I though Henry will overtake him before the U-turn as he is a much better runner.

At this point, I was feeling really good, and I felt that I have lots of reserve. So I decided to put up a chase and hopefully I can catch him. Finally, I caught up with him at the 1.2km mark, and I knew that I needed to drop him fast. I accelerated and created a significant gap. Before I knew it, the finish line was within sight. I raised my hand and crossed the line with a smile. It was a great run and a good indication of my current fitness level.

However, on knowing that my teammate Henry ran the wrong route, I felt cheated as it was not a fair competition. Well, at least I know that my trainings for the past months have proven to be beneficial.

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